G602–1993, Request for Proposal—Geotechnical Services

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AIA Document G602™–1993 is intended to be used initially as a request for proposal and subsequently may form the agreement between the Owner and Geotechnical Engineer for geotechnical services. The request for proposal enables the Owner, in consultation with the Architect, to furnish the Geotechnical Engineer with specific requirements for geophysical information about the Project site. Attachments provided by the Owner upon submission and by the Geotechnical Engineer prior to return delineate the specific terms and conditions of the agreement, and are to be incorporated by reference herein. When signed, G602–1993 forms the basis of the agreement between Owner and Geotechnical Engineer. Execution by the Owner, therefore, should only be undertaken after thorough review of any modifications and attachments provided by the Geotechnical Engineer. Please note that this document is not intended for use as an agreement between the Architect and Geotechnical Engineer.

Related Documents. Under the AIA Owner-Architect Agreements and many other design professional agreements, the Owner is responsible for obtaining the services of a Geotechnical Engineer in order to obtain geotechnical information on the Project site when such information is deemed necessary by the Architect. The B101™–2007 Owner-Architect Agreement, for example, addresses negotiated proposals and bidding in Section 3.5. Other related AIA documents include:

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