G601–1994, Request for Proposal—Land Survey

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AIA Document G601-1994™ is intended to be used initially as a Request for Proposal and subsequently may form the agreement between the Owner and Land Surveyor for land surveying services. The Request for Proposal enables the Owner, in consultation with the Architect, to furnish the Land Surveyor with specific requirements for the Project site survey. The Owner and Land Surveyor may each incorporate attachments to G601, so long as they are appropriately referenced therein. When signed by both parties, G601 becomes the agreement between Owner and Land Surveyor. Therefore, the Owner’s signature should only be applied after thorough review of any modifications and attachments provided by the Land Surveyor.

This document has important legal consequences; consultation with an attorney is encouraged with respect to its completion or modification.

Related Documents. Under the AIA documents and many other design professional agreements, the Owner is normally responsible for engaging the services of a Land Surveyor in order to obtain information on the Project site when such information is deemed necessary by the Architect. Related AIA documents include:

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