B195–2008, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Integrated Project Delivery

Article number: B195-2008
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AIA Document B195™–2008 is a standard form of agreement between owner and architect for a project that utilizes integrated project delivery (IPD). AIA Document B195–2008 primarily provides only the business terms unique to the agreement between the owner and architect, such as compensation details and licensing of instruments of service. B195 does not include the specific scope of the architect’s services; rather, it incorporates by reference AIA Document A295™–2008, General Conditions of the Contract for Integrated Project Delivery, which sets forth the architect’s duties and scope of services for each of the six phases of the project, along with the duties and obligations of the owner and contractor.

When to use

  • Large, transitional, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) project
  • Used in conjunction with A295, General Conditions
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